Best IQOS heet flavor

e European Union prohibits the sale of aromatized cigarettes with the exception of menthol, that is why are here just different intensities. Philip Morris said, that every country has different preferences, so they are intense brown in Germany and a lot of mint flavors in Poland. Germany has a price 6EUR per box, Poland 16PLZ without a cardboard bonus. In the same way, the IQOS HEETs flavor in UAE may also vary. But there are some of the popular HEETs flavors are listed below.

HEETS Bronze Label - brown, heavy tobacco like cigars (they are not chocolate), HEETS Blue Label - dark blue, very strong mint (strong menthol), HEETS Sienna Label - red, intense, pure tobacco flavor, HEETS Red Label - red, intense, pure tobacco flavor, HEETS Green Label - dark green, menthol, HEETS Purple Label - purple, blueberry flavor and wild herb with menthol, and HEETS Silver Label are some of the most popular IQOS HEET flavors.