IQOS vs Vape

Last year, Philip Morris released a new device for smoking called IQOS. It differs from a vape device by functions, but can also replace an ordinary cigarette. IQOS is intended to replace ordinary cigarettes. Users smoke tobacco but in smaller quantities and using another technique. Sticks with natural tobacco are used here.

They do not burn in the IQOS system but are heated up to 300-350 ℃. As a result, the aerosol is produced instead of smoke: no smell is left on clothes and users can smoke indoors. vVpe has other options. A vape device generates much more vapor. It works for a longer time, and absolutely any e-liquid flavor can be chosen: from cherry cake to apple pie. There are also options for lovers of the classical cigarette flavor. IQOS and vape are fundamentally different devices. They occupy absolutely different niches and overlap obliquely. Whereas IQOS is more of a replacement of cigarettes and an alternative to tobacco smoking, the vape is a separate subculture with its own meetups and millions of fans.