Our Services

Apart from the wide range of electronic smoking devices and accessories, we offer one-stop-solutions to maintain your electronic smoking devices and keep it healthier. Better Smokers offer quicks and hassle-free IQOS maintenance, IQOS repair, IQOS cleaning sticks, and full IQOS kit Dubai servicing.

Come and experience the finest and the most popular & advanced e-cigarettes at lowest prices at Better Smokers. Better Smoker is best IQOS stoke in Dubai and place to buy Vape in Dubai. As we have mentioned our product portfolio before, we are one of the most complete online smokers’ shops. However, we know that these products are highly aesthetic and require frequent maintenance and repair in order to keep them functioning and healthier condition. With an aim to keep these devices up to date and in the best condition, Better Smokers has also started offering a variety of maintained and repairing services that we have mentioned above. In addition to all of that, IQOS same day delivers and Vape same day delivery is also available for anyone looking to buy Vape online along with vaping eJuice and Vaping eLiquid.

We are also dedicated to providing our customers with the latest and advanced smoking devices and hence, we offer latest vape kits, Dubai Vape tanks and IQOS kits in Dubai